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More reliable uploads with FTP

Reliability - that comforting feeling when you know something will just work; free of stress, free of hassle, free of worry. Everyone loves that feeling, so here at Podbean we've been working on a new, more reliable way for you to upload files to your account.

FTP Uploads

We've implemented an FTP Upload function for all users, to improve the upload experience for those of you that desire it. 

There are 3 main benefits of FTP uploads:

Reliability - your files are more likely to upload successfully.

Multiple uploads - you can upload multiple files at the same time.

Resumable uploads - if your internet connection drops, or your computer freezes during uploading, it's not a disaster! You can start off where you left off once you get everything sorted.

It's a great solution for those of you looking for more reliability, or for those that wish to upload large, or multiple files. With written a user guide here so that you can figure out how to use FTP uploads:


We hope this makes uploading more convenient for you. If you have any feedback on this feature then feel free to get in touch!

create mobile site

3 Brand New Responsive Templates Are Now Live!

Remember the days before smartphones and feature phones, when texting was exciting new technology and your favourite (only) "app" was Snake? As smartphones become ubiquitous and mobile computing becomes the norm, more and more people are doing more and more on the go. Why not, then, stream podcasts on the go too? With Podbean's new responsive templates, you can!

Responsive Templates

We've introduced 3 new responsive templates that not only have great functionality, but look great too.

Because these templates are responsive, they will stretch and squeeze to fit any screen whether it be on a computer, tablet or smartphone. This makes all the content much more convenient to access and use especially on mobile devices. 

On top of this each of the 3 new templates is beautifully designed to look modern, fresh and clean to give your podcast the stylish look it deserves. 

Our responsive templates are available to all our Professional and above plan members - why not go and have a look at them right now?

Congratulations to our users on their Podcast Awards 2013 Nominations!

Podcast Awards 2013 Congratulations to 4 Podbean Users
As I'm sure many of you are aware, last week's New Media Expo in Las Vegas played host to the 9th annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards. All podcasts are nominated and voted for by the public, so the awards are a good reflection of what's hot in podcasts for 2013.

Congratulations to the 4 Podbean hosted podcasts nominated for awards. They are:

Veteran Empire - A podcast that's all about supporting Veterans in their creative passion The Comic Book Cast - this podcast is dedicated to all things Comic Book Media related.
Wine for Normal People is a podcast for people who like wine but not the attitude that goes with it. The Be Our Guest WDW Podcast - trip reports from real visitors to Walt Disney World to help you plan your next trip

Congratulations to these 4 podcasts, in a world full of podcasts it’s a great achievement to be nominated. Here's wishing all 4 podcasts, and all others, all the best for the 2014 awards!

Podbean Community is now live

For many years now Podbean has been providing feature-packed, reliable podcast hosting to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. As Podbean has grown we've noticed that our users are increasingly interacting with like-minded podcasts they've found on the site, or with podcasts they simply really enjoy listening to. At Podbean we think a podcast means more when you can share the experience with others. That's why we're launching our lates update: Podcast Community.

With our new Podcast Community we're providing a way for our users all across the world to find and support other users whose podcasts they love. To do this we've introduced 3 new features:

1. Follow - found a new podcast you love? Now you can 'Follow' it on Podbean to make sure you never miss out on a single episode. 

2. Like - if you come across a particular podcast episode which you think is outstanding and deserves some love, you can now click 'Like' to show your support.

3. Usercenter - once you've followed some podcasts, the usercenter is where the new episodes will appear. The episodes are all ordered according to when they were published, making it really easy for you to keep up with the shows you love, and for others to keep up to date with your shows too.

We hope you enjoy the new features, if you have any suggestions let us know!

Have a look of what they look like:

Site of the Week

Want to hear 2 talented people talking to other talented people about their talents, and other sticky subjects? Then tune in to:


The JellyVision Show 

Welcome to the stickiest talk show on the internet. The JellyVision Show brings you revealing interviews and wild characters. Tim Trueheart and Jelly meet artists, musicians, writers and performers before they get famous and introduce them to some of their wacky friends. Anything can happen and it always does. 
Rated Explicit.

You've been warned, now check it out!

Share your podcasts automatically on your social networks.

What's the most important thing a good podcast needs? Listeners. Of course you know that, which is why so many of you are spending your time using online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to help you build and maintain relationships with old and new listeners alike. 

That's why we're rolling out a brand new feature that's going to enable you to automatically share your podcasts with your followers across all your social networks. By simply connecting your accounts to Podbean you can select which accounts you want to automatically post to, then afterwards whenever you publish a new episode Podbean will automatically post to social networks for you! 

For details on how to set it up check here: http://support.podbean.com/customer/portal/articles/1356390-how-to-auto-share-podbean-post-to-social-networks-

3 Great New Optimizations for Premium Podcasters

At Podbean we're constantly focusing our efforts on making your experience even better. Our latest optimization will be of great benefit to those who like to use Podbean to sell their podcasts to their listeners through our Premium Podcasts feature. We've made 3 big changes that we think are going to significantly improve the usability of this feature:

  • Optimized workflow - we've made creating a Premium Podcast much simpler and more intuitive than ever before. The workflow has been streamlined meaning that both old and new users will find that setting up and selling a Premium Podcast has never been simpler.

  • Redesigned front page - we've given the front page a complete redesign to make it much more beautiful, and we’ve also enhanced premium sidebar widgets to display your premium plans for customers to choose and buy directly from your podcast page.

  • Podbean homepage showcase - we've rolled out a 'Premium Podcast' showcase on our homepage that will be featuring Premium Podcasts across all kinds of topics and categories. This will give Premium podcasters extra exposure and the opportunity to earn more by spreading their podcast to a new audience.

To find out more just login and start having a look around. If you have any feedback about these new features then we'd love to hear it!

Podcast of the Week - The Larry Price Podcast

Larry Price is a man with a lot of funny stories to tell. As luck would have it he decided to start a podcast to share his stories and thoughts with the world. Now we no longer have to sit and endlessly ponder the question 'Do grown men ever soil themselves?' Nope, Larry has taken it upon himself to help us unravel this mystery by recounting a very private and personal anecdote that will close this chapter of all of our lives once and for all. Thanks Larry!

You can hear it here: http://larryprice.podbean.com/

Here's what Larry says about his show:
"The Larry Price Pod Cast is good for long drives, long waits, or when you're cleaning the house and don't want to listen to the top 40. Food reviews, movie reviews, roller coaster reviews, grievances, and beyond. Let's chat. How 'bout that?"

Lend him your ears! http://larryprice.podbean.com/

And be warned-swear words are said.

Podcast of the Week

PODCAST OF THE WEEK! It's that time again and this week we have 3 fine upstanding men (with sometimes dirty mouths!) trying to bring some rationality to proceedings: 


"The Intellectual Saviors podcast consists of three men that consider themselves to be fearless truth-tellers, in what can only be defined as a vast wasteland of humanity. They are high-minded progressive voices that have decided to use their powers for good, even if they weren't asked. With logic and reason as their guide, they enlighten the masses with their blatantly honest, and mostly crude and vulgar, opinions.

They are Michael, Eric, and Boggs. They're an intellectual collective that discuss political and religious topics from a progressive and secular point of view. This show may be harmful to your health, if you're allergic to knowledge." 

 Go and check it out! http://theintellectualsaviors.podbean.com/

Are you famous?

You're probably thinking 'No, I'm not famous', and that's fine. However, you're wrong. You're famous, she's famous, he's famous and they're famous too. At least that's the world according to this week's Podcast of the Week, http://allpeoplearefamous.podbean.com/, which aims to highlight the star that shines brightly in all of us, no matter how ordinary we might consider ourselves to be. Here's some more about this worthy show:

All People Are Famous is a podcast featuring in-depth interviews with fascinating people you've never heard of. Do you love learning about people via podcast interviews? Are you tired of only seeing/hearing famous people as subjects? If so, APAF might be for you! Join host Eli Van Sickel as he talks with a wide variety of people of different interests, backgrounds, and professions. All people have a story, all people are worthy of an interview, and thus, All People Are Famous. This podcast is available for free on Itunes and Podbean.

All People Are Famous is packed full of interesting stories and great people who are stars too, just like you. Go and check it out! http://allpeoplearefamous.podbean.com/