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September 3, 2009

Podbean.com is glad to announce the launch of Podbean Mobile, a new mobile-friendly interface for one of the Web's most popular podcasting hubs. Available on web-enabled mobile devices, Podbean Mobile allows users to search, collect and access their favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime, even when you're on the go.  There's no software installation needed -if you can browse the web on your mobile device, you can get your podcasts by visiting http://m.podbean.com.

Through Podbean Mobile, users can:

  • Discover popular podcasts and find what other people subscribe to.
  • Collect your favorite podcasts in one place and access them from anywhere on the web.
  • Share your taste in podcast with friends and get recommendation in return.

Thus, Podbean Mobile offers a great destination for podcast audience to move beyond the desktop but still be able to enjoy podcasting moments instantly.

mobile podcast directory

mobile podcast directory

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